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At Smart Cut we have a pro-active approach towards our training. All staff are trained on the basic use of equipment during their induction process. This training is then documented after the first month.

Further and more detailed training is then undertaken in conjunction with our Health and safety consultant Glenn Webb as well as the major training organizations such as LANTRA and NPTC. The company is also kept up to date through its trade organization membership with BALI.

Once Staff have trained in the basics, manual handling, Health and safety awareness, first aid etc. They then have the option to undertake more specialised training. This can be chain saw work, tractor driving, ladders and scaffolding, quad bikes etc.
Giving staff the option of targeting their own training gives them a better feeling of control and involvement over their careers. This leads to better results, more competent and motivated staff.

During the summer months we have taken on a number of students from local colleges on a work experience basis. We are currently looking at ways to develop these links. At least one of these students has ended up working for us on a full time basis and is looking at making his career in the landscaping industry.