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Undertaking a number of local contracts, Smart Cut has a large variety of machinery available for grass cutting in the local area. This gives clients the advantage of having access to several different machines on a contract, which would not normally be available if equipment was allocated to specific contracts. This becomes more important in dry conditions when say a cylinder mower, which would normally give an excellent quality, is unable to cut dry stalky grass. This can be substituted with rotary mowers to resolve the problem.

Machinery is replaced regularly as a matter of policy, with tractors generally on a two-year replacement and Hayters on a three-year replacement.

We have found that by keeping our machinery new, that we experience very little down time with breakages at a minimum.
We have four 7.5 tonne lorries, specially fitted to carry our equipment, which carry the core of our mowing machines to site. These are supplemented with a fleet of Sprinter vans to remove grass cuttings etc. Although we have a number of trailers, we wherever possible try to use the lorries for transport for safety reasons.

In addition to our existing machinery we would see a requirement for at least two more vans, and two additional mowers as well as hand tools. We would however keep our options open by purchasing additional machinery, as it was required. Mowers would be replaced as shown above, with smaller items such as strimmers being changed every two years and hand mowers every 12 months.

We are constantly looking at how we deal with grass cuttings and shrub bed trimmings. Grass cuttings are currently bulk handled where possible, and then composted to be ploughed into the company’s Christmas tree plantation. We are currently looking at bulk handling chipper shredders to allow us to improve our composting ability
Vehicle and mower maintenance is undertaken at the company’s workshops at Bishampton. This facility is dedicated to Smart Cut and is therefore available on demand 24 hours a day.