Our specialist grounds maintenance team at Smart Cut are experienced in providing a personalised package tailored to your requirements. We are proud to provide a complete grounds maintenance service for commercial, local authority, private and public sector clients, offering long term, short term, and seasonal contracts, as well as ad-hoc jobs. Our clients can be confident that we deliver the highest standard of work, paying particular attention to detail.

All site operatives are suitably trained, carry identification and wear clearly identifiable uniform. Read below for more in-depth information on our grounds maintenance services.

Hard surface maintenance

Smart Cut staff can provide wire brushing to hard surfaces, hard edging back of curbs, as well as residual weed treatments to ensure your surfaces look pristine all year round.


We undertake harrowing prior to rolling to smooth out heavily rutted pitches, to avoid players damaging their ankles. This can also be used in stock paddocks to spread animal droppings ensuring more even and vigorous growth.u

Hedge Work

Our highly trained team can complete all forms of hedge work, having the ability to use a long reach hedge cutter on a 180 HP agricultural tractor, or a light weight John Deere on turf tyres. We also carry out manual hedge cutting, including high hedges with the use of our man basket.


We recycle 100% of our green waste at our head quarters in Bishampton. Grass cuttings and tree brash are mixed to make a mulch, this is then transported to our sister company, TFN Landscapes where it is allowed to mature and then used as a mulch on garden areas.


We can offer a full grass renovation service, this includes scarifying in the early spring to remove moss, thatch, and dead grass. This also cuts lateral growth promoting more vigorous growth in the plant.


As part of the renovation service, we can offer several seeding operations including direct drilling into the existing sward, broadcasting onto bare soil, as well as drilling and rolling into newly cultivated areas.

Shrub Work

We undertake complete shrub bed services including new planting, regular maintenance, as well as all year round pruning and weed control. This can be undertaken as part of a 12-month contract.

Site Clearance

Smart Cut are able to complete all forms of site clearance regardless of the size and challenge of the task, this includes everything from clearing water areas to large areas of brash and trees.


Smart Cut regularly train its operatives in spraying including PA1, PA2 and PA6. We undertake everything from knapsack, quadbike spraying, boom spraying and mist spraying. Operations include broadleaf control in grass areas, to residual sprays on hard standing.


We undertake a large range of tree services ranging from normal Arboriculture work, stump grinding and removal of trees to pruning and planting of everything from specimen trees through to orchards. In partnership with our sister company TFN Landscapes we have access to several nurseries spending over £750k per annum on trees and shrubs.


In dryer times, we can irrigate large areas, particularly if there is a water source close by. We also undertake irrigation installations for private gardens, small estates, and sports pitches.

We are not limited to the activities listed above. If additional works are required that have not been listed we are more than happy to discuss whether this is something we can do, please do not hesitate to contact us


Smart Cut are accredited by a number of professional bodies. This allows us to be at the forefront of developments across landscaping, maintenance and Health and Safety