Smart Cut Limited offer a wide range of line marking services. We work closely with the local authorities, schools, sports clubs, private clients and many more within Worcestershire and surrounding areas.


We have been line marking for over 25 years and in this time it has changed radically. In the early days lines were marked out with a peg and string and either liquid, wheel to wheel or powder marker.

To ensure the straightest lines we can offer the beam rider which follows a laser light ensuring dead straight lines are achieved, this is still however labor intensive as it requires lasers to be set up at each corner.

More recently robot technology coupled with GPS systems allows us to pre-program on a google earth map, pitches, running tracks, pictures, and logos, ensuring clients can see exactly what they are going to get prior to undertaking the operation.

The robot is then sent out to a site where it will autonomously mark out from the instructions it has been given. This allows for very accurate pitches and running tracks where previously this has not been the case.