Regular sports pitch maintenance is vital to ensure they are kept in excellent condition, reducing risk of injury, and providing optimal sporting performance. Smart Cut Ltd offers an outstanding grounds maintenance package for several local sports clubs, all tailored to the individual needs of the club. From contractual work to ad-hoc jobs, our clients can be confident that we deliver the highest standard of work, paying particular attention to detail.

All site operatives are suitably trained, carry identification and wear clearly identifiable uniform. Read below for more in-depth information on our grass and pitch maintenance services.


With the heavy wear now being seen on modern sports pitches it is vital that nutrition is re-introduced to these areas. We work closely with our suppliers to work up a program of nutrition for grass areas whether this be a long-life prilled product, short sharp lift of nitrogen or a liquid feed.


Overseeding should be a regular part of sports pitch maintenance, this allows you to introduce vigorous new varieties of dwarf ryegrass. This stops the colonization of some of the weaker species and ensures a more robust and varied sward. With the use of a direct drill disk seeder, we can ensure the grass seed penetrates at least ¾ to an inch into the soil, allowing it every chance to germinate unhindered.


Aeration is vital to keep high traffic areas drained as well as stimulating and improving re-growth. We have several machines to undertake this work from a traditional slitter which is quicker and less costly than a Verti drain which pushes a spike into the surface up to 1ft deep, then heaves it (similar to a forking action).

For high use pitches these operations are vital to keep pitches playable all year round.


We undertake harrowing prior to rolling to smooth out heavily rutted pitches, to avoid players damaging their ankles. This can also be used in stock paddocks to spread animal droppings ensuring more even and vigorous growth.


After a wet winter where areas are poached either by livestock or heavy sports activities large ruts having been smoothed out with harrows can then be rolled whilst the ground is still pliable in early spring.  We have several machines from small self-propelled three gang rolls, compact tractor and roll, to a large 125 HP tractor with turf tires and a 6tonne flat roll.

Broad Leaved weed control

Understanding budgets are very often tight for sports clubs, it is essential that you only have grass and not weeds on your pitch to ensure a healthy surface sward. Broad leaved control can be undertaken at reasonable costs to offer good value for money.

We are not limited to the activities listed above. If additional works are required that have not been listed we are more than happy to discuss whether this is something we can do, please do not hesitate to contact us


Smart Cut are accredited by a number of professional bodies. This allows us to be at the forefront of developments across landscaping, maintenance and Health and Safety